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Live Event Tech Services in the Kootenays: Enhancing Your Performances

Professional Sound and Lighting for Unforgettable Events


High-Quality Sound Systems

Advanced Lighting Solutions

On-Site Technical Support

Customizable Packages

Why Choose Our Live Tech Services?




Thumping Sound Systems with Live Multi-Track Recording

T-Bar Lighting Rigs with Gobos, Par Cans, RGBW Movers, Wash Lights, and Lasers Elevate Your Show's Visual Experience

Up to Four Camera Angles with High-Quality Sound for Your Live Stream or Live Video

Put On the BEST Event

  • Logic Pro X multi-track recorder with a Dante converter and a Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro ISO.

  • 20.4 digital mixer with a Dante converter, GL2400 Allen & Heath analog mixer, 1604 Mackie analog mixer, and 1202 Mackie analog mixer.

  • 4 Shure SM58, 6 Shure SM57, 6 Sennheiser E604, 2 Sennheiser E614, Sennheiser 421, 3 Audix i5, Audix D6, AKG D-112, 2 Factor DMic, 2 Factor wireless, Blue Encore 100.

  • Reverb and Compressors.

  • 12 x 15" 1200 watt main or monitor speakers,  8 x  12" 800 watt main or monitor speakers, 4 x 18" 1200 subs, and 2 x PK 18" 2000 watt subs

  • Gretsch Mahogany drum kit, SWR Super Red Head bass amp, Mesa Boogie F-30 guitar amp, Korg Radius synth

Our Equipment

Dave has all the qualities you wish for in an audio technician (AND MORE SERIOUSLY). Dave has an infectious positive energy, he cares about his work and so he shows up overprepared, he is patient, generous and hard-working. As a performer of over a decade, these qualities can be rare to find, and are so important for the experience of both the performer and the audience. Thanks so much Dave and excited to get into the studio together.

Plan Your Next Event with Us

Make your next event in the Kootenays a success with our top-tier sound and lighting solutions. Contact us for a custom quote.


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