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Recording Studio in the Kootenays: Bringing Your Musical Visions to Life

Record, Mix, and Master Your Music


State-of-the-Art Equipment

Audio/Video Production

Comfortable and Inspiring Environment

Affordable Rates

Why Choose Our Music Studio?




Record multiple tracks into Pro Tools HD using a 192 Converter or into Logic Pro X using a Dante sound card.

We offer an extensive selection of virtual plugin bundles for Pro Tools and Logic Pro X. Additionally, we provide high-end outboard gear to run your mix through, ensuring a warm, analog sound.

We have high-end analog outboard preamps and tube compressors, as well as virtual multiband compressors, EQs, and limiters to achieve the best sound possible.

Full Recording Services

  • ProTools HD with a 192 converter

  • Logic Pro X with a Dante converter

  • 20.4 Live Digital Board

  • Allen & Heath GL 2400

  • Mackie 1604

  • Mackie 1202


We have an extensive collection of dynamic, condenser, and ribbon microphones. Shure, Blue, Sennheiser, Royer, Mojave, Factor Electronics and AKG.

  • Focusrite Red1 - 4 channel Pre Amp

  • Focusrite Red8 - 2 channel Pre Amp

  • Focusrite Red8 - 2 channel Pre Amp

  • Focusrite 428- 4 channel Pre Amp

  • Presonus ADL 600- 2 channel tube Pre Amp

  • Adam 8" Studio Monitors

  • Factor Electronics 12" Monitors

  • Factor Electronics 18" Sub woofers

  • 20th Anniversary PRS McCarty

  • Single Cut PRS

  • Larrivee acoustic

  • Cort acoustic

  • Godin bass

Our Equipment

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Dave Rocks! Always a pro, always friendly, and always got hustle! All Ears Productions knows what’s up!

Paris Pick - Paris Pick & The Pricks


Ready to Create?

Join the many artists who have found their sound with us. Book a session today and take the first step towards making your musical dreams a reality.


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Additional Services

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